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Vertical Blinds

The modern Vertical blind is a practical and affordable window furnishing for your home or office. We manufacture our entire Vertical blind range, using our unique Vertical blind system, on site in our New Plymouth factory.
The blinds are available in a range of sizes 63mm, 89mm, 100mm and 127mm. 100mm is the most popular size. The blinds can be manufactured to suit your requirements up to six meters wide with a number of control options.
Our Vertical blind system has a unique mini pelmet which we insert the blind fabric into, this hides the track and gives you a complete look.
All of the track componentry is of a very high quality. We proportionally space each blade to give an even look. Our track system has a clutch overload to prevent the blades moving out of alignment and to give better control of the turning blade.
The fabric we use is also high quality and is available in a matt or pearl finish. All the fabric is 100% blockout and is robust enough to handle the toughest situations.
We carry a large range of colours in stock, guaranteeing a quick and efficient turnaround for your blinds.
Because we are the people measuring, manufacturing and installing your blinds you can be rest assured of a good quality product and service.
So cut out the middleman and come straight to the 100% TARANAKI OWNED AND OPERATED business.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a clean cut simple way to furnish your windows offering complete blockout. A robust fabric is used that is resistant to fading and moisture absorption. We can link the blinds so you can have two or three blinds operating off one chain, and can even motorize your blinds. We can also supply double blinds, so you have the best of both worlds, Sunscreen blinds and blockout Roller blinds.
Blindz Direct uses quality fabrics and componentry in all our Roller blinds, they are all manufactured right here in our New Plymouth factory.

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are a very fashionable and effective way of controlling the sun. They are made into a Roller blind and use a special UV filtering transparent fabric.
Blindz Direct uses ‘Mermet’ fabric. This is available in many different colours.
The key feature of Sunscreen blinds is to allow light to come into a room while controlling the heat, UV and glare. They still allow you to look through them, bringing the outside in, but filtering out the harmful UV rays, heat and glare.
‘Mermet’ Sunscreen fabrics are woven from PVC coated fiberglass and are virtually maintenance free. They inhibit bacterial, fungal and viral growth. The fabric will not tear or stretch and is flame resistant.You will not find a better fabric than ‘Mermet’.
Sunscreen blinds offer a stylish and effective way of controlling the sun (UV, heat, and glare) while still giving you your view.
All Sunscreen blinds use quality componentry and the ‘Mermet’ fabric and are made right here in our New Plymouth factory.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are very much in fashion. Our ‘Uniflex’ Slenderline 25mm Venetian blinds are made of high quality materials. We use a heavy duty 0.21mm thick, spring tempered aluminium slat . . . the best. All of this makes our Venetians more durable.
We also offer the option of a 15mm Micro Venetian and also a 50mm Classic Venetian.
The Classic Venetian is coming back into fashion and is the economical option to a Cedar or Creation blind.
We also offer the ‘Faber Softline’ Venetian blind. The ‘Faber Softline’ is a high quality blind with slat and componentry sourced direct from ‘Faber’ and manufactured in New Zealand.
The features of the ‘Faber Softline’ Venetian blind are
• Rounded headrail, giving a more professional look
• Colour coded high quality componentry
• Monocommand option
Monocommand is unique to ‘Faber Softline’. Monocommand uses a single chain operation (pictured right). This does away with the cord and wand, with the chain remaining the same length. This is a practical option for ranchslider and bi-fold doors.
Monocommand gives you ease of control no matter what size your blind is. No more pulling up large heavy blinds.

Cedar Blinds

Blindz Direct sells ‘Uniflex’ 46mm and 60mm Cedar blinds. Cedar is attractive, lightweight and has an outstanding dimensional stability making it a perfect choice for use in Venetian blinds. We use Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) one of the most highly prized softwoods in the world.
In addition, cedar is an excellent insulator and has very good acoustic properties.
All Cedar blinds are finished with a minimum two coat ultra violet resistant lacquer coating. A removable front fascia covers the aluminum headrail for a complete look.

Creation 50mm Venetian

Creation 50mm Venetian blinds are a composite Venetian blind, giving you a timber look. The composite material used is very durable and strong, and is capable of handling wet situations and high temperatures.
Creation 50mm Venetians give a very stylish look offering good privacy and insulation. These blinds also have the durability to handle a more trying environment. They are available in a wide range of colours.